Free Basic Bike Maintenance Session

A short training course provided to HOPE members by Cycling UK. Trailside / Roadside Repair is designed to help the cyclist either carry on with their ride, or get home if something goes wrong with their bike. This course will cover all the usual problems that the average cyclist comes across when riding. By the

Cycling at Dunbeth Park – Sunday 23rd

HOPE will be hosting our summer cycling session on Sunday 23rd July, at Dunbeth park. The session is free to members and will run from 12pm-2pm. Please bring your own bike and wear weather-suitable clothing. If anyone needs to collect a bike for the session, they will be able to collect one from The

Learn to Ride a Bike with HOPE!

HOPE's Learn to Ride a Bike sessions are back! Classes have been filled and are already underway. We're off to a great start and would like to extend a massive thanks to the parents for helping out. Majella Kerr, our SGW for Sports is delighted at the progress already. "We had families taking part and