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The board of trustees comprises parents and professionals who are responsible for the governance and strategic overview of the charity. The board is recruited through advertising and direct contact, all recruitment is based on having a board that has a range of expertise that benefits the organisation. The trustees meet ten times a year. There are sub-committees which meet as required and report back to the board.

HOPE’s senior staff manage the operational and administrative side of our organisation, while maintaining and delivering our range of support services:

Staff are involved in many roles throughout HOPE. Our organisation runs on a balance of paid employees and volunteers, complimenting each aspect of our service.

HOPE also has a number of staff involved in the development of our services and the upkeep of our centre:

  • Shirley McMillan – Domestic Operative
  • Marline Imrit – Administrative Volunteer

Session Support Staff

Group Assistants:

  • Scott Chalmers
  • Amy Coghlan
  • Callum Creaney
  • Lindsey Currie
  • Kirsty Hendry
  • Greer Johnston
  • Aimee Logan
  • Gordon Magilton
  • Vhari McAleese
  • Neil McInness
  • Ewan McGowan-Lally
  • Lesley-Anne Paterson
  • Catherine Smith
  • Ruth Thomson
  • Fiona Whitelaw
  • Marc Williamson
  • Guy Williamson



  • Victoria Airlie
  • John Bruin
  • Sean Byrne
  • Hayley Byrne
  • James Cairney
  • Scott Chalmers
  • Amy Cumming
  • Cailtin Foster
  • Jacquelynne Hamill
  • Kirsty Hendry
  • Greer Johnston
  • Lauren Lamont
  • Lauren McCann
  • James McFarlane
  • Jim McLeavy
  • Hayley Moroke
  • Scott Neilson
  • Rebecca Quinn-Brady
  • Craig Taylor
  • Chelsea Tennant
  • Phoebe Thomson
  • Guy Williamson


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