As part of our Autism Support Services, we offer free and confidential one-to-one support appointments through selected communivty health centres across North Lanarkshire. At HOPE for Autism, we believe in empowering families and communities by sharing knowledge and information, training and connecting families with each other.

Within our one-to-one appointments, you will get to meet with our Autism Support Advisor who can offer practical and emotional support around Autism or signpost you to a relevant agency.

We also run regular support groups for our members. Please check our events calendar for dates of these meetings, or click here to download our schedule of support group meetings.

If you would like to meet with our Autism Support Advisor then contact Karen Cassidy at our support phoneline on 01236 884 633 or complete our contact form below:
Karen Cassidy
Karen CassidyAutism Support Advisor
Phone: 01236 884 633

Contact our Autism Support Advisor

Upcoming Support Group Meetings

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