HOPE wins UK Cycling’s Best Programme 2019

We are delighted to celebrate our recent announcement as UK Cycling’s Best Cycling Programme 2019!

Aimed at encouraging young people to learn to cycle and improve their confidence on a bike, our programme has helped 22 of our members start cycling so far.

Thanks to the incredible work of our Senior Group Development Worker for Sports, Majella Kerr, and Senior Group Worker Sarah Parker, and we were able to take the gold at Cycling UK’s 2019 Volunteer Celebration in London.

“Being able to help others enjoy cycling by providing opportunities and support to them is a massive part of why I enjoy cycling so much!” said Majella. “It has been so wonderful to support our young people through their journey in learning to ride a bike. It can provide so many opportunities for building confidence, resilience, and having fun!”.

People with autism can face challenges learning skills some take for granted. In supporting young people to cycle, HOPE has been able to facilitate growths in confidence and independence while developing a healthy culture of exercise and outdoor activities.

Through support from Cycling UK’s Jeff Frew, we were able to gain funding to purchase bikes, run maintenance sessions, and access training for staff and volunteers. Thank you to all involved; a special thank you to Anna Reid, who was instrumental in the success of this programme when she worked with HOPE as a Senior Group Development Worker.