If one day you are asked, “what is HOPE”? I have some answers that might help you cope
HOPE is a groundwell from which great things will spring, encompassing pure joy that achievement will bring.
HOPE is a leader, setting the pace, but this is not a race.
HOPE is just showing the world a more loving face

HOPE is for others, after all we’re each one of us sisters and brothers,
HOPE is loving care and helping to banish despair,
To nurture and prepare the promise that is there,

HOPE is an oasis in a desert of ignorance, when society sometimes forgets about those it should protect, But often omits them because they are not “correct”.
In situations as these, I ask you who has the higher intellect.

HOPE is all of these things and a whole lot more; so come on in, don’t be afraid, Just knock on the door.
HOPE is a beacon , a glittering shining light,
Illuminating the path and showing others what is right.

James McFarlane

James is a HOPE volunteer who was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at 40 and came to HOPE through his work with other charities. James is a valued part of the HOPE team who readily offers his help whenever he can, and lends us his literary talents to boot.