New Links with St Philip’s School

We have been delighted with our recent partnership work with St Philips School in Airdrie, where our young adult and siblings’ groups have recently been enjoying the excellent facilities.

The accommodation and resources at St Philips are a fantastic quality for our young people to enjoy, including numerous relaxing spaces, pool tables, a reading space and small library, and a number of outdoor spaces, including a football pitch and woodland walk.

The feedback from our young people, families, and staff has been fantastic. We are grateful for everyone’s patience in trying out this new move and we hope the successes achieved by this partnership are worth it. It is hoped that we can develop a consortium of stakeholders to support any
further work to grow from this, to help in the decision making process to around our need to find new and improved premises that are fit for our purposes and meet the needs of our families and staff.

We would like to offer our thanks to the young people and families involved in the move, as well as the staff and young people of St Philips school. All of our combined efforts go towards improving the services and support for our young people and we appreciate the brilliant support that we have had.

If anyone would be interested in joining our consortium for developing this partnership please contact the HOPE centre at 01236779191 or email Eileen Waugh at