Learn to Ride a Bike with HOPE!

HOPE’s Learn to Ride a Bike sessions are back!

Classes have been filled and are already underway. We’re off to a great start and would like to extend a massive thanks to the parents for helping out.

Majella Kerr, our SGW for Sports is delighted at the progress already. “We had families taking part and every single group member had time on the bikes. Two boys in the group even cycled for the first time!”

Well done to all who are taking part. It is fantastic the progress of all the young people who are eager to learn. From those who have some experience of being on a bike to those who peddled for the first time, the commitment and energy from all the group has been hugely rewarding.

Staff used the group’s interest in Mario and friends to tailor the class specifically and make it more enjoyable for the young people. This is a commonly used technique due to the fantastic results that can be achieved through tapping into young peoples’ own interests and likes.

Cycling classes will continue on through summer. If anyone would like any more information on this or future cycling opportunities, please contact the HOPE office on 01236779191 or email Majella.Kerr@hopeforautism.org.uk.

We can’t wait to see the future successes of the group, and would like to extend a big congratulations to Majella for organising a great session!