We are delighted to announce that £2213 has so-far been raised for HOPE through the Co-op Local Community Fund.

This is a fantastic amount of money raised by our local community and will be a valuable contribution towards facilitating HOPE’s support services. The more money raised through projects like these allows for us to continue the level of support we provide and enables the development of our service.

This money is raised through purchases made by Co-op members who have selected HOPE as their chosen community cause. Members add to the total raised every time they buy selected co-op branded products and services, from buying loafs of bread to planning funeral care.

The more money spent by Co-op members on Co-op branded products means more support to HOPE and other local organisations, but this money can only be raised if you sign-up to be a Co-op members.

It’s a quick and easy process that facilitates this fantastic fundraising opportunity at no extra cost to you, so please sign-up now at in store or at https://membership.coop.co.uk/new-registration and choose HOPE as your local cause.

Money raised by members who have not chosen a cause to support gets shared equally between all of the listed causes in their community.

Our partnership with the Local Community Fund runs for a total of six months. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute towards HOPE’s development, to give back to your local community, and a good reason to sign up to receive all the benefits of Co-op membership too.

Thanks to everyone involved at the Co-op and those who have already selected HOPE as their local cause!